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Supercar rally cars

Posted by NoCoast 
Andrew Buerckner
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Re: Supercar rally cars
January 28, 2015 04:12PM
From what I heard after the event from other competitors was that most of the event was essentially and overgrown khanacross rather than a rally.

Weather was bad, very slippy etc, and the barriers they hit were moved between recee and the rally.

This doesn't change that he lost it but the results would have been much less dramatic!

The car wasn't as expensive as it looks, being build from a flood damaged write off. But still more that I've got to throw against the barrier!
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Wyatt Fletcher
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Re: Supercar rally cars
January 29, 2015 09:14PM
Geez... And here I was thinking the $1500 Volvo S40 I saw on craigslist would probably make a super rally car.
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Matt Brandenburg
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Re: Supercar rally cars
December 09, 2015 09:47AM
Is Matt planning on sleeving back the 5.2l or something? The only class that I know of that the car is legal for is NRS's Stock Heavy.

our motor is from a 2006 galardo, V10 5.0 rebuilt by VAC Motorsports, its legal.

also, we will probably be AWD at some point, open class sounds fun too.

RWD starting out for sure, this is all just to have a lot of fun while going very fast smiling smiley

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Mike Ball
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Re: Supercar rally cars
December 10, 2015 03:47PM
That embedded Aston Martin crash vid stopped working lets try this:

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Paulinho Ferreira
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Re: Supercar rally cars
December 10, 2015 06:06PM
The supercars have been rallied for 10 years now in Portugal and Spain, more in Spain because the championship there is either for tarmac or gravel.

Prodrive sold a few Astons but they werent competitive with the Ferrari's and Porsches.

Here's an F360 going pretty well

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