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Posted by danster 
john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Re: F-Cup
July 30, 2015 01:24AM
I heard some good advice once, which was to look to countries with large entries to see what works well in the sport...

Looking at the 2014 F-Cup standings gives a rather interesting car count...

BMW 62 (M3: 37)
Toyota 40 (Starlet:20 Corolla: 20)
Ford 34 (Escort: 30)
Opel 22
Volvo 9
Honda 7
VW 4

(A few on-off brands not in that list)

More M3s than any other single car on the list.
More than half again as many BMWs over the next most common manufacturer.

Yep BMW is the new fad...Notice which car was first last couple of years?? In other words which car beat ALL those BMWs...and for a fraction of the price?

Kinda interesting to see that the poor Finns are laboring in such darkness and haven't had the benefit of all the collective wisdom of American rally forums and haven't ALL gone to what is nearly universlly screamed: FWD is BEST..
Not even 10% FWD..the poor ignorant bastids...

Some North American experts need to go straighten them out.

John Vanlandingham
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