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Ojibwe Night Stages!

Posted by simoniac 
Simon Wright
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Ojibwe Night Stages!
August 11, 2015 10:12AM
With the cancellation of Rally West Virginia there has been a dearth of rallies with real night stages lately.

And, look! Ojibwe Forest Rally has three full night stages at the end of the last day.

Along with multi-day events, remote servicing and long stages, night rallying is one of the last vestiges of real rallying in my opinion. It all changes when you're tearing through the night, lighting up the trees and rocks and thrilling the spectators and volunteers. Even if you've run those stages in daylight they feel quite different when traversed at night. Of course, good lighting helps.

So there's still time to get the awesome LED Light Bars that we've developed and that several teams already run. Cheaper, stronger and more reliable that traditional lights pods.

Check them out here.

Good luck to all competitors (even if you're not running our lights) and thanks to the volunteers willing to help out late into the night.

Simon Wright
Owner/Driver USUK Racing - Home of the USUK Racing LED Light Bars!

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