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RA announced 2017 calendar. Rally Wyo? Rally Ohio?

Posted by Gravity Fed 
john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Re: RA announced 2017 calendar. Rally Wyo? Rally Ohio?
November 23, 2016 09:41PM
William Marenich
I don't give a two flying shits about Subarats ass about there contingency, I rally a 25 year old car. I care about the entry fee and how much is it going to cost me to tow. Other then that, I care about how many of my friends show up. At the end of the day I want to be able to afford a cold beer.

You mean you're not gonna run out a start a Go-Fund-me beg-a-thon to cover the cost of a new 2016 Ess Tea Eye?

Shows how serious you are.

John Vanlandingham
Sleezattle, WA, USA

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