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First Rally car, what to get?

Posted by Hatman 
Aaron Luptak
Aaron Luptak
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Re: First Rally car, what to get?
September 05, 2017 02:54PM
On Honduhs (specifically 88-00ish double a-arm ones).

Not a bad option for scca rallyx. Potentially very good if you want to go "all-in" squishing cones on dirt (you're at a disadvantage to things that came with an LSD in Stock. Prepared is probably where the cars would be strongest, in Modified the original starting car doesn't matter too much as there won't be much left of it.)

Biggest problems have been breaking CV joints with lots of steering angle. Pretty much everything else has fallen in the noise of normal-honda or normal-old-car problems.

For stage-

Probably the most off-the-shelf options for Gearing & LSDs of any FWD car in the past thirty years - but even the cheapest options are a bit more expensive than what JVL advocates for the Volvo.

The front suspension should be off-the-shelf capable of all the travel you can use without spending $$$$$ on CV joints. Definitely not the strongest design out there, with lots of cast pieces that are hard to effectively reinforce, but it doesn't seem to fail significantly more or less than any of the other options, under the handful of runners out there.

The rear suspension isn't so promising - using the stock design twist-bushing effectively works against suspension travel as you get away from the nominal position. Spherical or poly replacements should help, but raise potential durability concerns. Lots of pivot points, front toe arm will start hitting the body once you get enough droop, etc.

There's been a handful of folks running them in the US fairly successfully, as far as I know without doing any huge development work to deal with the shortcomings of the suspension. They also make a pretty regular showing in some of the Irish Tarmac stuff, no idea on details behind any of those.

I hear they make pretty good garage shelves too. sad smiley

(The later strut-based cars have seen some success in the Finnish F-Cup series as well, but again no idea on details)

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1990 acura integra

Re: First Rally car, what to get?
September 09, 2017 11:03PM
rallyx. anything for cheap
rally, any thing durable cheap and plentiful.
have good working knowledge of both fabrication and wrenching.
make sure its fun.
a guy who caught alot of flack for his moves and doesn't regret one of em.
project "genny" 2010 Hyundai Genesis coupe 3.8 coming to a stage near you in 2018
what up ra addicts hope all is well

All bridges burnt, island life is beauty
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Thorkild Mathiasen
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Maybe a Lada..

Re: First Rally car, what to get?
October 20, 2017 09:23PM
Havent been here for a long time, but neither has Robert apperently, i hope you guys didnt scare him away.
Hope he didnt buy a Subaru like some people suggested.
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2005 VW Mk. 4 Golf GTI 1.8T

Re: First Rally car, what to get?
October 20, 2017 09:34PM
Well, he didn't come to last month's RX with his buddy that does both AX and RX. But his buddy did bring another AX convert to try it out. CFR next event is a night RX tomorrow, so keeping our fingers crossed we will see him tomorrow.
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Robert Permenter
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None.... Yet! That's why I'm here.

Re: First Rally car, what to get?
October 21, 2017 11:24AM
Nope I'm still here. Unfortunately Irma has eaten up my funds for a rally at the moment. So I'll be sitting on the sidelines for while. Thanks for all the help so far. It seems like whatever I get just get it and start driving. Then worry about upgrading later.
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