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Mike Hurst = Stupid

Posted by tifosi 
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Mike Hurst = Stupid
January 13, 2006 02:31AM
Man i cannot even understand this asshat, his new little thing is "we are not part of accus so any FIA ruling will not apply to RA rules" or something like that. My god you preside over what like twenty rallies and the FIA rules over what like a couple hundred in several countries. That guy needs to get a grip, I do not always agree with the FIA but at least if they pass a rule it is from experience not some arbitrary midwestern hell hole. Why oh why does this guy thinks he knows better than people that run hundreds of rallys a year? The best part is when I called the FIA I spent the majority of my time trying to explain to him that i wasn't joking and that i was asking a serious question. The FIA guy kept saying to me the rule is very clear and he could not understand how someone could have arrived at the conclusion that Messr. Hurst did. Well I choose to vote with my wallet and time so unless someone pays me serious dough (something I doubt) you will not see me at any RA events ever. This rule basically dumps on the little guy starting in a golf or civic or Xr4ti or swift. These are your base in rally these are the people that volunteer, when has anyone seen seamus (not singling him out but it begs the question) or lageman, or hell PR working a stage control? When an organization depends on the charity of others then it is wise not to shit all over the people that provide all the infrastructure. Well i am tired and I feel better now, hope that everyone has a nice weekend.

Jeffrey Shu
Los Angeles Ca
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Mustafa Samli
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Re: Mike Hurst = Stupid
January 13, 2006 10:07AM
Aaaaand The Turk poisons one more unsuspecting and frustrated Californian and introduces him to the Dark Side .


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Kirby Read
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Re: Mike Hurst = Stupid
January 14, 2006 12:23AM
Interestly enough PR has done quite a bit with helping out at local rallys and is organizing a local rally here soon I belive. You can see him rather excited about volunteering in this picture here
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Junior Moderator
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Re: Mike Hurst = Stupid
January 14, 2006 06:28AM
Seems to me that the acronym "RA"

Shouldn't mean "Rally America"

But instead mean :

"Rally Annihilation"

Hmmmmm might be catchy...
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kent gardam
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soverel 33

Re: Mike Hurst = Stupid
February 19, 2006 09:09PM
Naah, he's just demonstrating that the way to get through a 6L (5L? 4L? 3L? 2L? 1L?) is a slight twitch on the wheel and nail your right foot to the floor.

yeah, i've got a six foot keel. what's it to you?
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Chris Hamilton
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Re: Mike Hurst = Stupid
February 20, 2006 10:02PM
ok, so i'm not sure if this thread is specifically referring to something new from RA, but I think NOT being beholden to ACCUS/FIA can be a GOOD thing.

ACCUS is very difficult to deal with (unresponsive) if you are a competitor, and when FIA seems to get involved in national motorsport, hassles, licensing and fees seem to go up but not much else changes. It's still the same grassroots folks putting on the events and doing all of the hard work -- just the bloodsucking imperialist FIA pigs sucking the lifeblood out of the proletariot.

It doesn't mean that an organizer or sanctioning body can't selectively make use of the FIA's experience, rules, guidelines, but I dont see much benefit in listing USA rallies as FIA events, (unless your goal is to make it easier to attract ringers from overseas).

the most enjoyable rally i did in the US was '02 Laughlin, which was independantly run by ARSG (not SCCA), although it did have ringers from overseas!

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john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Re: Mike Hurst = Stupid
February 20, 2006 10:40PM
Chris in talking with English and Swedes they say exactly the same things : no reason to buy in for a penny in for a pound.
There is nop stopping any FNM from selective not opting for some of the procedures or prep rules.
EXCEPT, I have seen in Mike Hurst answers language which to my ears sounds like things right off a lawyers memo, eg refernce to "best protection from litigation....being to adopt "established best practices".

In short, since Rally America is a 100% private venture of somebody who has a lot of dosh to loose, the primary driving force is to protect the personal fortune from predatory or even exploratory trips to the bar.
So EVERYBODY else dances some fools dance and pisses away yet more money and yet more hoops in order to protect Havir from potential lawsuits.

I see a mirror of the way wage and compensation have gone on here in the US for the last 35 years.

John Vanlandingham
Sleezattle, WA, USA

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

CALL +1 206 431-9696
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is 3 hours behind Eastern Standard Time.
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