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What a load of shit!

Posted by Scott Manley 
Scott Manley
Scott Manley
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What a load of shit!
January 23, 2006 01:57PM
"U.S. rally competitors had a chance to push for a rule making mechanism that would be controlled by competitors as a whole rather than a few rich guys. With dollar signs blinding them, SCCA competitors chose to bow down to the "vision". SCCA then dumped the "vision", the babies, and the bath water. You guys blew it.

RA bought out SCCA rally, and saved your butts. RA is a privately owned company, and can do anything they want to do. It is too late now to whine about the rules making process unless you buy out RA.

Be grateful RA pays some attention to your requests. SCCA rally didn't give you the time of day, let alone give a hoot what the average competitor wanted."
-From Jens on the R/A forum 2 days ago

And people complain about guys like me who make comments and have never rallied. I think Kansas must have had the same rules of incorporation that we do in Washington State, and the SCCA knew they were going to get in trouble one day and sold rally to avoid liability for not acting as a club.

Scott Manley
Spokane, WA
86' XR4Ti
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Mustafa Samli
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Re: What a load of shit!
January 23, 2006 04:04PM
I think this fucker is taking ASSKISSING to a new level.
Or he is trying to stirr shit up. What an idiot, he should move in with Mike Hurst, they would make a great couple.

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