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Noob rally computer question

Posted by Racinkid13 
Andrew Frick
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Re: Noob rally computer question
January 08, 2016 08:52AM
I use the VSS on my rally car with the little box.

Only issue I had was picking up the signal on the wrong side of the ECU. When I swaped motors in my Focus I had to switch the harness to a CAN BUS harness and when I picked up the signal after the ECU it was all CAN BUS craziness that caused the ODO to lose its mind. I traced the wire to the other side of the ECU and no problems since.

I would never mess with a wheel probe on a modern ish car. VSS or pickup the ABS signal from a wheel of your choice. You get the advantage of factory wiring, factory weather proof connectors, factory engineering to secure and protect the probe and pickup. My focus for example has a hole cast in the front knuckle that is super well protected. Heck you could leave all of the ABS sensor wiring in place and put a selector switch on your dash and switch between wheels if there was a problem.
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Re: Noob rally computer question
October 11, 2016 11:08AM
Well, bought and installed an Alpha Club in the truck. Since Ive had such an unbelievably hard time trying to find the source of the VSS on this rig, used the supplied wheel probe. Running it off the front driveline. Now to figure out the factor, Victor. Seems to be running somewhere around .42ish/mile further then GPS is reading.
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