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So Im actively looking for a car...

Posted by Racinkid13 
Pete Remner
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Re: So Im actively looking for a car...
September 06, 2015 07:14AM
Yes, THOSE are why it is expensive. The last time I put an Audi V6 back together was $8000 after one of the cam phasers got wrecked ($1200) when a cam pulley backed its bolts out (more $$$), with all the "while you're in theres" like the plastic air injection hoses that break if you cough with the hood up let alone actually TOUCH them, which go brittle when the diverter valves fail so you gotta replace those too, and things are cheaper now but back then exhaust valves were something like $70 a piece or something really really silly like that (6mm? hollow sodium-filled stems) and intakes weren't much better but at least there are 50% more of them to compensate...

But the labor isn't quite so bad.

Pete Remner
Cleveland, Ohio

1984 RX-7 (rallycross thing)
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Dane Aura
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Re: So Im actively looking for a car...
September 06, 2015 11:17AM
I love the b5 S4 chassis but that 2.7 is what will keep me from EVER owning one. Unless I found a nice Avant for a reasonable price to yank that money pit of a motor out in favor a boosted 07K. Now THAT would be a fun car.
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McAdams Christopher
McAdams Christopher
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Re: So Im actively looking for a car...
May 10, 2016 11:48PM
My mom has a beat to hell and back 2005 Audi Allroad with the twin turbo v6 and the car used to be pretty damn sweet but it's been casually neglected and has fallen all to shit, nothing irredeemable it's just been a bit casually neglected for a while and id say that "constant minor annoyances" describe the car. It's a sweet riding car when it's all proper though. She's asked me if I thought it could be a rally car before I swear and I didn't really know what to say, on one hand it is an all wheel drive audi and it's a pretty sweet little motor if it's all by miracle doing what it's supposed to do. Seeing as it's very difficult and expensive to manage this in normal driving conditions I imagine it would be very difficult and expensive when subject to abusive there aren't any that came with a manual, it's a lot like the A6 so maybe something works I don't really know but I've spent a lot of time fixing stupid stupid shit on VW and Audi cars and personally would be terrified of trying to run one as a rally car.
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