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No Coast Motorsports/Checkpoint Racing/Champagne

Posted by NoCoast 
Grant Hughes
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No Coast Motorsports/Checkpoint Racing/Champagne
March 21, 2006 12:30PM
Let's see. We have three Subaru Imprezas, a BMW 3 series, two Merkurs being built, a VW Rabbit GTI, and an Audi hill climb car in our posse. We drink alot of beer. We race as much as we can. We have big WRC parties. We build new courses and organize races. Technically three teams, but really we are all united. Brian Moody, Erika Lucero, TJ, Dremel, Tank, Mark Malsom, Sarah Malsom, Grant Hughes, Mitch William, AJ Hakala, Brian McGuire, Steve Bis, Regina Hutchings, Rebecca Greek, and more. Eat, sleep, live. Rally.




Grant Hughes
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