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Autochoad racing

Posted by Sean Burke 
Sean Burke
Sean Burke
Junior Moderator
Location: Butler,Pennsylvania
Join Date: 08/21/2010
Age: Midlife Crisis
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Rally Car:
1991 Honda CRX

Autochoad racing
August 21, 2010 07:39PM
Driver : Sean Burke, age 32, steel worker, Butler PA
Codriver: Nathan Werner, age 32, architect, Butler PA
Car: 1991 Honda CRX, with twin cam ZC 1.6liter, Quaif diff, Michelin M4, Hotbits suspension

Nate and myself have been rallying for a couple years. It all started by watching youtube rally crashes, and I said to myself" I'm good at crashing cars, I should do that". Not that I was good at driving cars. Autochoad racing is all about shameless self promotion and Straub Beer.

Definition of choad: a dick that's as long as it is wide.
Definition of autochoad: when a car's track is almost as wide as its wheel base is long.

Recent Rally results: 3rd G2 Black River '09
3rd G2 STPR day 1 '10

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Jon Burke
Jon Burke
Mega Moderator
Location: San Francisco, CA
Join Date: 01/03/2008
Age: Midlife Crisis
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Rally Car:
Subaru w/<1000 crashes

Re: Autochoad racing
October 28, 2010 04:36PM
Lots of Burke's in rally.....crazy Irish winking smiley
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