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Jens has succombed to the dark side

Posted by Vorpal_Rally 
Michel Hoche-Mong
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Re: Jens has succombed to the dark side
June 04, 2008 09:00PM
Jens Wrote:

> Oh fer Christ's sake! I try not deal with this in
> person let alone on the internet.
> Correct is "Yenz"
> Close is "Yence"
> Wrong is "Jens" (with the "jay" sound), BUT that
> is what I go by, because most people are too
> fucking stupid to understand it is pronounced
> "Yenz". (BTW: I'm not referring to you. At least
> you asked.)
> I used to go by my middle name here in the States,
> "Alan", because it was too much of a pain in the
> ass to explain "Jens". However, about 25 years
> ago I decided to use my real first name. American
> morons can understand "Alan", beer, pussy, and not
> much else :-)

Jens, stop whining. At least people get 9/10s of your name correct.

Self-righteous douche canoe
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