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restoring Merkur- solid T5 driveshaft....yay or nay?

Posted by Clayto 
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Re: restoring Merkur- solid T5 driveshaft....yay or nay?
February 13, 2015 11:21PM
john vanlandingham
I have a stock spare already and its in great shape.
Was thinking of getting the straight one piece for durability and no guibo to fiddle with.

No Guibo right next to a cat is good... One piece SEEMS to make sense in a car that the motor sits still and the diff is fixed like in IRS.


We can review known knowns
Seems like every IRS car I can think of in rally use---and that's EVERY AWD car since beginning of time---and a lot of others retain the 2 piece design...
I don't understand why but they do. Group N they must by rules, Group A they can do whatever they want---and they all retain 2 piece....Probably a good reason..

We know they all retain 2 piece....we don't know why they do or if its know big deal (and certainly if it were BETTER-er to have 1 piece for any reason, all these works cars in last 30 years would have one piece..

There's something in driveshaft design called "critical speed" and length and rpm are factors, so I think it MIGHT be smart to look into driveshaft critical speed before making any decision...

The other thing is: you wanna pay twice? What box is going to be in this? Might be nice to nail that down before deciding on propshaft design.

But as I said i don't know anything about propshafts..

this might be a help in thinking ^
Still thinking..JV I finally got the measurements.
56.75" from end of yoke to pinion flange
2.5" diameter
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