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All hail the hole-saw!

Posted by Paul Buck 
Paul Buck
Paul Buck
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All hail the hole-saw!
March 03, 2016 08:00PM
Though I'd show off how awesome a hole saw is for cutting out tower holes, that is if you're using a round tower. I bought a 2" deep hole saw, and it wouldn't go all the way through the frame rails, so I finished the cut with the trusty sabre saw, then ran the hole saw through the hole to bore out my crappy sabre saw cuts. A little grind here and there and the tower slid in nice and tight.

I was worried I may have to buy a beefier drill to use the huge 6" holesaw, but my old 4.5 amp black and decker drill cut through in about 2 minutes!

Hole-saws... a viable option!
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Eric Ewert
Eric Ewert
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Re: All hail the hole-saw!
March 04, 2016 02:23AM
Nice, really tidy. Don't know why I put the idea to the side when I did mine. Keep it going!
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