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Cage foot mounts - tech question

Posted by rallyser 
John Schellenberg
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Cage foot mounts - tech question
January 22, 2017 10:38AM
I have a dilemna on how to mount the A pillar and main hoop feet.

From a tech inspector's point of view, what is best practice vs. acceptable here?

Is it better to have full weld around all tubes and only a single mounting of the main hoop/A pillar bar to mount plate? That would be only the one bar itself welded to the mount plate, approx 5.5" of welding length (C=pi*d) with 1.75" tubing.

Main hoop with elevated sill bar.

Final weld would be something like this (except better welder than Photoshop user)

A pillar with elevated sill bar.

Or is it better to sacrifice a small amount of sill bar to main hoop/A pillar weld to be able to weld the sill bar and the main hoop/A pillar tube to the mounting foot all together? This would result in approx 10-12" of weld length along the side of the sill bars and around the main tube.

Main hoop with sill bar along mount plate.

Final weld would be something like this.

A pillar with sill bar along main hoop.

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