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Keeping your car running

Posted by derek 
Derek Bottles
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Keeping your car running
February 21, 2006 08:58AM
Yesterday I did my preventititve service on the old Golf. This is an attempt to not DNF, and given the number of DNF's I had last year I am sure many had no idea I do this.

I drove the car down to John Lane's shop early in the day and put it up on the hoist.

When it came down and moved over to the alignment rack this is what was done.

Replaced Exaust hangers some had gone missing
Replace both ball joints (one was going bad)
Replace all a-arm bolts with new, one was cracked
Lower and realign sub frame.
Make new spacers for new hubs as the splines stood a bit proud and bolt no clamp
Adjust Rear Wheel Berings
Replace Chafe projection on Rear brake lines
Notice that oil cooler needs new mount to prevent damage to radiator, Tues night
Found one wheel was cracked, un mount tire and toss wheel (broke on tire machine)
Remove bits of trees and lots of rocks from interesting palces.
Tighten all bolts

I would say the car get a little beat up on stage.

In the long run reality always wins.
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Grant Hughes
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Re: Keeping your car running
February 21, 2006 11:01AM
We do a similar inspection on our hill climb car between each event, and replace all of the aluminum control arms on the A4 each June before Pike's Peak and magnaflux the new ones before they go on to make sure they aren't preflawed.

Also tend to replace the clutch about every other event just to be safe.

Every car we're run (Impreza, 2 Eclipses, Colt), we check all the bolts for engine mounts, transmission mounts, all suspension bits, diff mounts, etc. before every single event. It's fairly easy and inexpensive maintenance.

Grant Hughes
Denver, CO
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Kirby Read
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1981 Volvo 242

Re: Keeping your car running
February 23, 2006 01:21AM
nut and bolt checks kick ass. Every once and a while you come across one that has rattled loose or something and say "holy fuck that would have been bad if this had come all the way out" or something of the sort.
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Rich Smith
Rich Smith
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Zen Rally Wheel
February 23, 2006 06:49PM
Do not neglect the tradition of: ZEN RALLY WHEEL

This is when you cleanse your mind of all distractions and take a quiet afternoon to scrupulously inspect, scrub and dress ALL wheels and tires to be used at your next rally. Making sure all tires are sound; all wheels are straight; beads free of rocks and debris; with crayon marks on each wheel for quick reference of intended use. (RF, LR, Spare, etc.)

Stay focused through completion of all wheels. You have many wheels and much to do. But after a short time of such intense consentration you will enter the Zone. The task will become a great soothing pleasure and you will be comforted with the knowledge that you have prepared well and a simple rusty bead will not likely cause your next DNF... Grasshopper.

Rich Smith

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Mustafa Samli
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Re: Keeping your car running
February 23, 2006 11:38PM
Here is the CRS version of it.

Clear your mind. Make sure you have enough booze. Hit the road. Check the mirror time to time to make sure you loaded the car on the trailer and the trailer is actually connected to the tow vehicle.

If the trailer and the rally car on it is getting smaller and smaller as you drive, stop, put it in reverse and connect the damn trailer. This would be a good time to look in the cooler to make sure there is enoug booze.

Phoenix AZ
Gaylant VR4
EVO III GSR (Stolen)

Rallies are no place for traitors
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