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All XRATTY Constructurs READ and RESPOND

Posted by john vanlandingham 
john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Re: All XRATTY Constructurs READ and RESPOND
March 30, 2006 07:09PM
NoCoast Wrote:
> Are these indicative of what we are getting here
> John? Which raises a question in my head about
> halfshafts. But you say Sapphire, which I presume
> maybe you mean non-Cosworth, as the Cossie stuff
> looks different. Especially the stub shaft.

Actually all the disc brake cars got the differnt hub/stud shaft/ bearing carrier.
The Cossies also got spherical bearings in the trailing arms rather than bushings.
4x4 cars got the same slightly unequal length half-shafts as Xratties, 2wd cars got the gnarlier stuff.

Early GpA cars used the disc brake bearing carrier with the ears milled off and an alloy adptor/spacer plate for the 4 piston APs; I figured we could all use the "earless" Xratty bearing carriers and make the adaptor things fit them since we all have dozens of spare trailing arms.
> Bearing carrier (left Cosworth, right XR)
> Hubs (left Cos)
> Outer stub shaft (left Cos)
> Halfshafts (Cos bottom)

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