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How well do the Sparco (or other) heavy-duty seat sliders hold up in a bad crash?

Posted by MikeColangelo 
Michel Hoche-Mong
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Re: How well do the Sparco (or other) heavy-duty seat sliders hold up in a bad crash?
July 18, 2016 06:06PM
This happened at the last AER race. Bad crash driver was brought to the hospital with fractures in his feet. There is a lot of discussion on the sliders and a lot of pictures/failure analysis.

On board video and date indicate that the impact speed was at least 80 mph and mostly head on.

The car was launched up the embankment, rolling the car with it landing on its roof. The engine and transmission were ejected from the vehicle as a unit. The driveshaft was severed behind the flex coupling at the output of the transmission.

Considering that, I think their sliders held up pretty well.

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Doivi Clarkinen
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Endurance racers also use different seat inserts that are dropped in for each drive in a fixed seat. Seems like a better solution.

Inserts are mainly used in prototype cars. In sedans and sports cars we use seat sliders and maybe a removable back pad if one driver prefers it.
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Matt Pullen
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This is lifted straight from the FIA Appendix J, Art 253, Art 16.3

If quick release systems are used, they must capable of
withstanding vertical and horizontal forces of 18000 N,
applied non-simultaneously.
If rails for adjusting the seat are used, they must be those
originally supplied with the homologated car or with the seat.

Use the standard cars sliders and everything is good, we have 1 driver in Western Canada with sliders in his WRX. It does confuse tech guys sometimes.

Yes, it's a Ranger.
Xr4Ti, it is rwd and was made in Germany.
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