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Rally.Build Harness Specials

Posted by NoCoast 
Grant Hughes
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Rally.Build Harness Specials
July 25, 2016 02:01PM
All these places doing Black Friday in July made me realize we should do some kind of special. We have a bit of excess inventory in these so decided they made a great item to have a special on!
$249.99 Shipped! We definitely have the black with 2" Hans belts in stock as well as a few other options. Typically 5-10 days delivery if we do not have them in stock!
What is the difference between the Clubman and the Lightweight? The cam lock is smaller, most importantly the T-bar on the 6th point which is hugely more comfortable. So far 100% of our in shop customers upgrade to these over the Clubman and find the extra $50 per harness ($10 per year) to be well worth the upgrade.
All harnesses are FIA approved valid through 2021.
Clubman harnesses also available at $199.99 Shipped if you are on a budget but still want the best! Silver series, as used by David Higgins and SRTUSA are also on special. Add on lighter belt material and a lightweight two piece adjusters make this a WRC level harness at only $399.99 per harness shipped!

Grant Hughes
Denver, CO
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