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XR4Ti stuff

Posted by MattP 
Matt Pullen
Mega Moderator
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2002 Ford StRanger

XR4Ti stuff
November 28, 2016 10:29PM
As I know there are a number of Xrattys still in sort of stock state I thought I'd offer up the stock glass I don't need from my '85. I have the door glass, all the side windows and the rear hatch, they are all the early bronze coloured ones and original. The sunroof is complete along with the full mechanism. All the central locking solenoids as well as the electric window motors, and the rear wiper setup. Hell everything I'm stripping out is up for sale. Send me a PM and let me know what you would like. With BW coming up I can get stuff out to the PNW within a couple of weeks using the rally delivery system.

Yes, it's a Ranger.
Xr4Ti, it is rwd and was made in Germany.
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Ryan Dunham
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1989 Merkur XR4Ti

Re: XR4Ti stuff
December 06, 2016 09:17PM
If none of the rally folks take you up on it, I'm think that Jeff at Merkur Parts Midwest in Chicago would take it off your hands.
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