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Hidja Rally Computer, few 2016 belts

Posted by NoCoast 
Grant Hughes
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Hidja Rally Computer, few 2016 belts
July 14, 2017 05:31PM
It's either the Rallycomp 200 or 300, I can't really tell.
As far as I know it works. Has a serial cable but no sensor and definitely no instructions. Bought off a guy that got it from a guy that parted out his rally car and fled the country in shame or something.

Also, before I list them officially, figured I'd offer them here.
2016 belts, good through Dec 31, 2021. All prices are shipped anywhere in lower 48.
Sparco Club with tapered 2" belt for Hans in Blue - $180
Sabelt Lightweight in 3" shoulder in Red - $200
Sabelt Ultralight Silver Series in 3" in red (my personal favorite belts and what I use) - $280

I also have just about every Porterfield R4-S pad for Subaru or BMW E36 fitment sitting here. Good street and auto/rallycross, track day, or entry level stage rally (open light) pad. 20% off retail.
Subaru AP1182, 461, 722, 721, 471, 470, 770
BMW AP396 (R4S and R4), 558/394 (R4S and R4)

Grant Hughes
Denver, CO
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