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new price STI open class 29k

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Chuck Wilson
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new price STI open class 29k
July 23, 2017 01:24PM
For Sale 29k
07 STI the first race was Gorman 2013 car has 37043 original miles

Upgraded Enclosed Trailer


1 cage Dom all Tig welded by Kyle Jackson
2 4130 front control arm
3 4130 front sub frame
4 4130 rear control arms
5 4130 rear lateral links
6 All pivots are ¾ hymns or Delran bushings
7 skid plate is 51/50 ¼
8 under body is 1/8 Teflon
9 front rotors are two piece hat and rotor drilled and harden for reliability

10 4puk wrx calipers on front
11 rear are sti brimbo calipers
12 brake box is DRP has two tilton master cylinders with balance bar front and rear brakes are independent
13 dccd pro com diff controller auto or manual
14 perin engine oil cooler
15 mishimoto radiator
16 all oil lines are an fittings and aroquip hose
17 fuel lines inside car are 3/8 stainless hard line with stainless ptfe hose so there is no fuel smell in car all connections are an and an quick connect
18 all four struts are rssp they have three races on the last rebuild
19 cnc staging brake
20 allstar park brake valve
21 tilton balance bar with adjuster cable allowing bias adjustment on the fly
22 motor has four races was brand new short block from Subaru and put cp forged pistons turbo is stock
23 car was tuned for 91 octane 34mm restrictor
24 intercom peltor
25 Corba c-giant rally computer 26 car is completely seem welded

1 front and rear rotors
2 front and rear calipers
3 8 rally wheels
4 radiator
This car ran a total of 21 races 2013 thru 2016 and finished 19 of them the two that it didn’t was one was cooling fan fire and the other was throttle body relay failed never bent control arm or any other aftermarket parts
Car 49,000 -Trailer 19,000 will discount price package
Chuck Wilson, Tom Laeng or Rick Wilson
310 613 2808
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