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2005 Impreza Open Light *Turn Key*

Posted by czwalga 
steve czwalga
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2005 Impreza Open Light *Turn Key*
May 21, 2018 07:13PM
This is a turnkey ready to rally package. Price is negotiable depending on spares and other options. I can deliver to Southern Ohio or STPR so it could be run in either of those events to start. The car has won OL at STPR and quite a few 2nd/3rds against decent competition. Should be one of the stronger OL cars out there.

Price is 15,500. Willing to make a deal depending on what all goes with it.

Build thread:
More Pics:

-Almost Brand new OEM shortblock; it has maybe 30 race miles on it... most OL cars out there have tired engines.
-Delta 2000 Cams with rebuilt heads.
- Dyno tuned by tpg tuning.
- Tactrix cable and tuner. It's one of the few rs models that can be ecu flashed
-4.44 RA 5 speed transmission. The best subaru 5 speed gearing.
- JVAB Suspension
-Tilton Dual Master Brake Setup with balance bar.
- Porterfield R4 race pads
- STI Front A-Arms
- Adjustable Tubular Lateral links.
- Stitch welded chassis.
- HID Conversion Lightpod with light fog bar. Provides great lighting.
-Stilo Intercom
-Brand new G-Force Belts, good till 2022
- I-LED Tach (7 led tachometer)
- All aluminum radiator.
- 1/4" aluminum skidplate
- Complete HDPE underbody protection
- Pin mount jack point and stands
- Rally America Logbook
- 6 Braid Wheels with tires that would be ok for newer driver for at least 1 race
- 4 Other wheels with dmacks that would be decent for rallyx.
- 5 Somewhat used tractionized Blizzaks for snow rallys. The tread last forever in the snow/ice usually you blow the sidewalls before the tread goes.

The bad:
-Car was wrecked once, was all cosmetic damage though. Rear fender was somewhat shodily replaced by me. You can see the seem weld and crappy paint job just to get it back on stage. Could bondo and smooth it out but wasn't really worth the effort to me. You can see it in the picture.
-Transmission leaks super slowly. It's a case leak, so it leaks while you're not racing it, doesnt' effect racing as it's like 1 drop per day whether you're racing or it's sitting the garage. In a year it may leak 1/4-1/2 quart. Just check the dipstick before racing.

I have a ton of spares, don't have a complete list of everything, but I pretty much have everything you'd need. Brakes A-Arms, etc.
-STI Front Bumper
- 2 Rear bumpers
- 3 Front fenders
- Complete roof cutoff
- Broken 4.44 RA transmission (Probably easily fixed but haven't taken it apart, it was locked out of gear put a spare one in and never tried to fix it.
- Extra set of heads, radiator, brakes etc.

Other stuff I'd sell dirt cheap if you purchased with the car:.
4 Brand new Blizzaks on Method wheels that have never been put on a car.
5 Brand new Method wheels still in the box.
4 Brand new autox wheels/tires
Car trailer with tire rack, a little rusty but gets the job done.

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chris craft
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Re: 2005 Impreza Open Light *Turn Key*
October 21, 2018 10:17PM
is this still for sale? I'm very interested in taking a look at it.
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