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Ford 2.3 Turbo (IMSA?) engine (Canada)

Posted by bean 
Rabin Rutten-James
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Ford 2.3 Turbo (IMSA?) engine (Canada)
January 25, 2012 11:24PM
Not mine - just passing the info on...

Ford 2.3 Turbo

I'm selling my Ford 2.3 Litre Turbo I had built for my IMSA Merkur-that I no longer own.

The best of the best of everything from Esslinger in this motor.

Built to make 350+ HP on pump gas.

Dry sump, twin disk flywheel, crankfire ignition set up and electronic distributor -you choose how to fire it. I also have clutch, and Ford bellhousing-drilled for Sanez gearbox or Ford...and lots of other bits.

Easy to convert back to wet sump.

Cost to build? Don't ask!!

Sell for $5000.00

Drop it in a street Mustang or Ford Ranger or Merkur and have fun.

dave darrow

work 905-629-1438


See link for pics. Seems like a deal for a complete dry sump engine.

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