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Free Rally Car, Yes I'm serious.

Posted by bknblk2 
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Re: Free Rally Car, Yes I'm serious.
July 08, 2014 09:30PM
john vanlandingham
Poor personal attack
Poor job at trolling.
I really think you're being a bit paranoid here... it takes a real stretch to see a personal attack in what Gene said.
Gene, Gene the trolling machine
If someone feels they don't have the skills to build a cage then they likely don't , no reason to talk someone into it. They could build their own struts easier.
The ONLY way that is a personal attack is if you have - at some point - said that you feel you didn't have the skill to build a cage.
I can't imagine ANYONE suggesting that. It's laughable.

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john vanlandingham
Blame is for idiots. losers.
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Re: Free Rally Car, Yes I'm serious.
July 08, 2014 10:37PM
Jeebus H Keerist , for someone who speaks 100 foreign languages and is an expert in English lit and comp, you can't express your self any better than that? Answer the question.

I have built struts and suspension. I also crewed and built Open Comp stock cars , participated in Winston West series for years long before I rallied. I've even had to finish some of the stuff you turned big deal. I do build OK cages, I've always bowed my head to Dave Clark and now Derik Nelson also. I have no problem recognizing talent or desire/patience better than mine.

Cages...nobody here is going to look at Brian's recent crash and think our cage rules are over the top. I've also had pics sent from other events where the header bar ,even with A pillar supports, bent down right in front of the drivers of the reasons I harp about getting the transverse bar forward in the cabin. The basic cage is a 6 point with 2 door bars (several varieties), A pillar support, 2 roof bars (again several options) an X in the main. So again what exactly is it?? And leave Keith out of the equation.

Your endless persecution is totally a fabrication of your ain't happening , nor am I a troll. I am a long time scrutineer, former SCCA National, RA regional tech supervisior, NRS head scrutineer, one of ??? that has the extreme privilege and trust of both organizations that I have in my possession and issue both brands of logbooks. I have rallied since 1983, worked events, swept, advance, timing, written route books, co-chaired DooWops, co-chaired Olympus, chaired Nameless, sponsored events, built at least 40 cages, ran 1000's of stage maile, hundreds of stages, won events in both the PNW and Canada (overall wins) , a 1st and 2nd place Open Class national wins, several top 10s, Seed 1 ..9th ranked US driver when I quit. I've probably issued 6 or 8 log books already this year. Just how am I a troll for asking a question about your discontent?
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Allan Dantes
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Re: Free Rally Car, Yes I'm serious.
October 26, 2017 07:07AM
Anybody know how to get ahold of Mr. Tony?

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