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USRA to return??

Posted by vbares 
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Re: USRA to return??
January 22, 2015 02:26PM
I'll head down there right now! Now where did I put my flat brimmed hat.......

DG-Rally: you know I just remembered, there's a "park" off 169 north of elk river. The race snowcross in the winter and "beater cross" in the summer. I almost guarantee you they would rent their track out for some testing. I'd spoken with one of the "locals" who races beater cross in the summer and he made it sound like rally cars would be welcomed with open arms there. Have you looked into ice racing? Cheap way to get seat time. I thought nemadji was kicking around having another winter rally too?

Yeah that's ERX. I contacted them about track rental a few years ago. They told me it would be $500 for 4 hours, $1000 for a day (8 hours). It didn't exactly fit into my budget at time but if we got a couple more cars together it could be worth consideration. The problem with that place is its set up for beaterX so its a bunch of huge jumps and not really anything you can drive at speed to really "practice" rally, it would probably be more of a rallycross/cone squisher layout. If they let us use the service roads we might be able to link some turns together but that might be a stretch. Ironically, I have my old GTI rally shell set aside for its next life as a beater X car. I hope to get it together for this summer but stage rally is first priority... after the wife, kid, job, house, etc... of course smiling smiley

Yup, that's the one. The owners or people that run it seem really cool and I bet they'd let a guy have some freedom as far as making a little course. Not really move dirt or anything but go from the Tarmac lot on top, down a stretch to the back, onto the track and back up around type of deal. I knew a few rallyX guys that were down to throw in for a few hours to play with suspension last year. My cars nowhere near close however lol! I'll come help pit/wrench though! From what I've seen, they make the tables pretty mellow so you're not breaking shit jumping. Would be fun to get some "in flight" pics though wouldn't it? Beater cross looks fun as he'll, as does racing in the ice. Another thought that a few drifters and I had(before we started chasing toddlers around the house mind you.....lol) was to find a quiet lake, spend a day plowing a nice track and making a slidefest/BBQ on the lake. BYOB type setup so a guy doesn't need a permit and spend an afternoon burning fuel and making ice shavings.
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