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Large brake upgrade & Ronal Wheels

Posted by William Marenich 
William Marenich
William Marenich
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91' VW Golf GTI

Large brake upgrade & Ronal Wheels
July 02, 2015 05:53PM
I had a nice chat with John last night, we discussed going with Corrado G60 brakes on the MK2 Golf. If, I were go this route. It could force me to switch primarily using 15's. Right now I have a mixture of wheels everything from tear drops to snow flakes and also have a set of Ronal R8's. By going with 15's it would open up more options for used tire. I have also geared my transmission to run a 15 inch tire. So the hard part is going to be finding good and strudy, cheap, OE wheels.

Here is a few photos of the Ronal wheels I have. If any of you guys have these wheels and are willing to let them go, Please contact me.

Part numberconfused smileyF8932002323
Size: 15x6x34.5

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A.J. Johnson
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88 Audi 80

Re: Large brake upgrade & Ronal Wheels
July 02, 2015 06:51PM
those are tough to come by in 15's. I see them infrequently on facebook vw groups but haven't seen a set at a junker or elsewhere in a long time. I'd prolly start on your local Facebook vw stickermafia page.
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john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Saab 96 V4

Re: Large brake upgrade & Ronal Wheels
July 02, 2015 07:45PM
Don't forget the Japonaise cars wif 4 on 100...Some Honjah ya know.

John Vanlandingham
Sleezattle, WA, USA

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

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Danny McGee
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VWs (for my sins)

Re: Large brake upgrade & Ronal Wheels
July 03, 2015 08:27AM
R8s are getting old now, and were not that common a wheel in their time. Now they are considered desireable which means they can be priced accordingly...

Must you stick with 4 stud? Could go to 5 stud and that opens up more options for reasonably priced wheels, plus a few other benefits.

Disappointingly not yet a Jackass
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