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Jeff Reamer, what happened to you at NEFR?

Posted by imnotcrazy 
Don Kennedy
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Jeff Reamer, what happened to you at NEFR?
July 23, 2015 12:06PM
Never saw you on my stage on Saturday!

Don Kennedy
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Jared Lantzy
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Re: Jeff Reamer, what happened to you at NEFR?
July 24, 2015 08:42AM
I talked to Jeff at the awards party and I think he said rear diff carrier damage and he couldn't continue (safety steward decision). I'm sure he'll have it sorted in no time!
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Jeff Reamer
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Re: Jeff Reamer, what happened to you at NEFR?
July 24, 2015 01:31PM
Yeah i had a short rally again! I hit a big rock on stage 6. It blew the RF tire out. I finished the stage on a flat. I changed the tire on transit. While on transit I herd what I thought was my exhaust dragging on the ground. At the start of stage 7 I got out to strap the exhaust up and found it was the rear diff mount bolts had sheered off. I was working on strapping it up when Mike Hurst asked what I was doing. He mentioned that was how Nick Roberts lost his car to fire in Oregon. I cant buy a new car so I figured I better stop while Im ahead. He didnt say I couldnt continue but he did give me the look of use your head!

I did learn that the rear diff skid plates that most guys run is what caused the damage. Turns out hitting huge rocks with the skid plate puts direct load on the rear bolts of the diff. Once they brake the diff swings down until in my case rides on the exhaust. The front swings up and rides on the fuel tank until it fails then you dump gas on hot stuff! Im cahnging the way the skid plate mounts and hopfully the issue wont come back.

Had a good time I really like the rally. It is my favorite over all to date. I was nervous after having oil pan failure on the recce car that it was going to be rough. The rally car road smooth wasnt an issue as long as you marked the exposures on Recce. Guess i didnt do that well enough!

This was a faster paced rally than what had pictured in my head going in. It showed i have a long ways to ogo in the rally world to get up to speed! Good time over all just wish I could of had more seat time.

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john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Re: Jeff Reamer, what happened to you at NEFR?
July 24, 2015 01:59PM
Hey Jeff, sorry to hear about anybody's DNF but maybe the silver lining is you got to see how exactly failures occur in that thing..pisser.

(of course if ya din't have a rear diff you wouldn't have one to clobber and then start dragging! Din't think of that didya?.....nyuk nyuk nyuk....wait did i just suggest a Fail Wheel Drive solution? da fuq? never mind!)

John Vanlandingham
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