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Snow rally dampers setups

Posted by lelikmed 
Steve Wheeler
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Re: Snow rally dampers setups
November 25, 2015 01:49PM
john vanlandingham
Another issue to consider is ice buildup on the shaft and if the dampers have provisions to deal with it. If there is not some form of scraper before the seal then ice will tear the seal up or let moisture into the body and also let the gas out. Some form of shock/spring cover is needed if that is not accounted for in the seal design.

Yeah the top most seal is a scraper seal...
For dust or ice?
What weight oil is in the Soooper Bitchin setup?
I'd be looking for some way like neoprene to keep heat in the shock body.

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Re: Snow rally dampers setups
November 26, 2015 01:18PM
so far my hotbits minus rear sway bar on two over soft jounce and rebound have been setting the car nicley on snow and ice with all seasons on of course i have a slow fail wheel drive. spring rates are 220

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Alex Kuklov
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Re: Snow rally dampers setups
November 26, 2015 09:15PM
John, a lot of technical information.
Do you make a spefic snow/ice setup with your shocks?

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