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Dave Mirra.

Posted by rallytaff 
Pete Morris
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Dave Mirra.
February 04, 2016 09:25PM
Deceased due to suicide.
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Mike Ball
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Re: Dave Mirra.
February 04, 2016 09:58PM
sad to see that is true.

my son(who was 11 at the time )and I met him briefly at GRC Irwindaleandale in 2011.

this was before GRC got rid of the 2wd classes and locked up the pits tight.
you could just walkin the pits and hang out with who ever you wanted to.
there are no crowds at all.

I was in the pits to meet Marcus Gronholm and we did hang out with him for a while.

but since Faust and Rhys and Mirra were there we met them too..

I brought a magazine that I had with a Marcus Gronholm article and Gronholm signed it.

my kid being a kid brought his copy of dirt 2 and had Faust and Mirra sign it.

I gotta admit I'd barely knew who Mirra was that day....
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