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Rally.Build's 2016 SCCA Rallycross Contingency Program

Posted by NoCoast 
Grant Hughes
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Rally.Build's 2016 SCCA Rallycross Contingency Program
March 30, 2016 09:22AM
We still need to finalize details with the SCCA but a quick review of the Rally.Build contingency for SCCA rallycross for 2016.
For national challenge and championship events for Rally.Build customers competing on IndySport rally tires payouts in the form of shop credits are as follows:
1st - $200
2nd - $100
3rd - $50
Bonus of $100 if using EvoCorse tires purchased from Rally.Build
Only one contingency award per vehicle per event.
Contingency awarded is maximum individual award gained by the vehicle and will be awarded to the vehicle owner or tire purchaser.
Note - We are virtually sold out of tires and are working on a new big stock order but they do take 4-6 weeks for delivery so plan accordingly.

We do have one set of the new 225/45R17 gravel tire in for you Evo/STI guys but everything else has been sold.
Let me say that again. 225/45R17 gravel tire.

IndySport SG and BR tires cleaned up at Iowa last month in a mud event. FTD was a Neon SRT4 on the BR tire, fastest AWD car was Kevin Dobrowski on SG tires. These tires generally kill it if there is moisture/rain/mud. Not much feedback yet from the PNW.
The IndySport SG won mod4 class in 2015 at National Challenge by Warren Hail.
IndySport FA won CHCA AWD division championship

The FA and F tires are 3-5 pounds lighter than a comparable gravel tire. They are a mildly reinforced street tire carcass so we do not recommend them for stage rally for the most part. We did bring the SG to 100AW in case of heavy rains.
Combine that with the EvoCorse 15x6.5 Subaru fitment at 18.5 pounds and you have a gravel tire/wheel combo that is 6-8 pounds lighter PER CORNER than most other gravel wheels and tires. Savings of 25-40 pounds of rotational unsprung mass can be important.

Grant Hughes
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