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WRC 2006

Posted by NoCoast 
Grant Hughes
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WRC 2006
February 16, 2006 02:45PM
I've watched Sweden a few times now and can't believe how awesome the Gigi/Carlsson battle was. Neither driver budged or had problems. The Mitsu was sounding sick and truly pissed. The Focus is looking amazing. Looking forward to Mexico for sure, but Aaron pointed me to this video of Gigi at testing in Finland last year. Wow. It's at the very bottom of this page.


Grant Hughes
Denver, CO
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Skye Nott
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Re: WRC 2006
February 16, 2006 02:54PM
Hot damn, that's some in-car...

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JB Marti
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1985 Trabant

Re: WRC 2006
February 17, 2006 12:42AM
on that site there is a video of him taking a hairpin right (if i remember correctly) but starting about 20metres before the actual turn. twas a cold rally but no snow on the ground.... that was beauty.

i've met galli and guido, and i have to say that guido was a lot cooler. galli's got it to the head already. maybe that's why guido quit. or maybe i felt that way cause guido and i could carry a conversation in ranskalainen and galli could barely speak anything but italiano.... so, not a big fan of galli but i have to say that it was epic. down to three cylinders and still took it home! love it. but i doubt mehico will be that great. lack of good privateers cause of the distance.
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alex morgan
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Re: WRC 2006
February 17, 2006 05:58PM
that last right crest left was fast.

i bet he tested 10X thru that he had it super wired.


i'm in texas panahndle,
full of gas and oil wells
to slalom.

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