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Well, things are somewhat the same elsewhere

Posted by john vanlandingham 
john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Well, things are somewhat the same elsewhere
January 14, 2006 09:58PM
Oi Check out what the Asian Pacific Champion has to say:

These are the days for Jussi Välimäki to Finnish the negotiations of season 2006 and reveal his international rally plans. Negotiations have been tough as always and it seems that the title of APRC-Champion hasn't got much value in rally markets.

Although the negotiations with several rally teams have been promising, Välimäki cannot confirm anything else than he does not rally with MRF Rally Team in season 2006.

- We had good negotiations with MRF Rally Team operative leader, Lane Heenan. However we didn't find common solution for terms of season 2006 agreement, told Välimäki and defended, - As I'm a professional rally driver and with my pay check for the job I need to pay everyone else’s' pay check, the amounts of payment needs to be such that it suites for the demands. This is a thing that many of rally drivers nor a team manager does not understand. Therefore we have ruled MRF Rally Team out of our negotiations for season 2006.

Välimäki says strong NO for bought seats

- The profession of rally driver is funny. Please ask yourself how many profession you know where the employee has to pay his and everyone else’s' paycheques to do what he is supposed to do? There are still drivers in the markets with their heavy cash amounts to fulfil the seats for WRC, PWRC and JWRC. They all call themselves as professional rally drivers. If they're so professional, why do they have to pay for their seats? I have rallied for more than fire years as a professional driver and I won't change it to rally as a hobbyist and pay for my job, thundered Välimäki and continued, - The title of the Champion means more than you can choose which team rally car you want to drive and pay for it.

Besides all, Välimäki seeks continuance for his successful season. We shall shortly reveal his plans for season 2006.

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Hmmmm, seems buying a ride is the norm and even quiet, mild mannered Finns are getting disgusted with it.

John Vanlandingham
Sleezattle, WA, USA

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Skye Nott
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Re: Well, things are somewhat the same elsewhere
January 15, 2006 12:38AM
Wow that's really interesting. Thanks for the translation!!

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Grant Hughes
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Re: Well, things are somewhat the same elsewhere
January 16, 2006 02:20PM
John. You aren't really implying that anyone in the States is buying seat time are you? We talked to the NZ guys (well one was a Brit transport) at Laughlin while spectating and they were saying that Chris Atkinson paid $2 million for his seat with Subaru last year. That's the reason Mikko was chosen over Markko for Ford, because Mikko brought a bit of money (probably not his own though, through his personal sponsors) to the table.
I'm certain though, that nothing of the sort has occurred in the USA. In fact, I heard Subaru's new "factory" team is the real deal and not in any way funded by the drivers or their companies or lifelong sponsors.
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Mustafa Samli
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Re: Well, things are somewhat the same elsewhere
January 16, 2006 02:54PM
There is a book called Flat Out and Flat Broke. Written by an F1 driver. Great reading material. I strongly recommend everybody to read it. Available at Amazon.Com

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