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84 Audi 4000 quattro gravel suspension

Posted by wesman1 
Weston Spaustat
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84 Audi 4000 quattro gravel suspension
December 26, 2005 12:12AM
I got my rallyanarchy account! I was told to set up a thread here on making a gravel/rally suspension for an 84 audi 4000 quattro. anyone?
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john vanlandingham
John Vanlandingham
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Saab 96 V4

Re: 84 Audi 4000 quattro gravel suspension
December 27, 2005 12:12PM
OK, first Welcome Stranger!
We come in Peace.
Somehow the account thing isn't working as well as some of us had thought because it was suggested that certain critical this should be required and displayed in the member field and among those thing would be Name, City, car, and AGE.

Not trying to be mean, but on some forums, people hide behind cutsie online IDs, are not in the least serious, are maybe 16 but want to become a Professional next year and it makes answering their questions difficult.

So I'll answer some of your questions but I really expect you to complete your profile, say who you are, where you live etc.


Nobody makes anything even remotely suitable for any Audi for gravel rally.

I make universal thickwall, strut bodies and all the other pieces to utilise 40mm Bilstein gravel inserts.
The inserts I use are those with thicker shaft than most others and the travel in the units is 205mm while many others are supplying or ureccomending units with 160mm, units obviously intended for tarmac.

With the unique construction of the Audi upright/steering knuckle/hub assembly, in order to do suspension, I have told the other three guys who are asking that it would be very smart to modify the knuckle, which is a welded uo assembly with a large portion of it being a multi piece stamped sheet metal part.
The idea of modding, which I think we should do, is so that you could replace a strut assembly by popping off thew top nuts, pull two bolts, loosen the outer tir rod and pull, all without disturbing the brake caliper, discs, driveshafts etc.
The mods would be mainly plasma cutting off the stamped part, narrowing it, rewelding it with some critical reinforcments, and making the strut tubes have ears or a "flag" type mounting.

Have you gone over to www.jvab.f4.ca and looked at the photos??
If you look at the way any of the VWs, Mazda, Lancia, are done you'll see the "flag" or "ear" style mounting which is the goal.

Now the stuff IS expensive, but it is half of what other stuff worth having costs.
There are some junk which are convention strut designs, which while they haft a nifty adjustability, are far too short, and a design suitrable really only for street use.
And regarding adjustability, all US and Canajian events, except some wanky wank stuff way down South, are gravel. Get correct gravel stuff and it makes the coolest road car stuff, and quite acceptable tarmac suspension for the tiny bit you may encounter.

Anyway, the suspenders we can do, YOU have to think about the WHOLE package.
Motor mods so the car will get out its own way

See, that's why we need to know who you are, if you're a kid without 2 cents to spare, or what.

V\Come back, talk about yourself, don't be shy.
All the rest of us already know eachother, so come on in....

John Vanlandingham
Sleezattle, WA, USA

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

CALL +1 206 431-9696
Remember! Pacific Standard Time
is 3 hours behind Eastern Standard Time.
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Weston Spaustat
Mega Moderator
Join Date: 12/22/2005
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Re: 84 Audi 4000 quattro gravel suspension
December 27, 2005 05:28PM
Im 18 and live in Omaha Nebraska. Im just getting into rallying. Im very acustom to doing things custom. I bought this car for $1000 replaced the fuel pressure regulator and it runs great. Im very serious about doing all the stuff required to rally. I have another car that im still working on for show. Its a 90 acura integra. I made side vents across the car out of sheet metal. I cut the back end of of it and made it look similar to a corvette with the round tail lights. and I also cut the hatch off and am putting in a new window size for it. I made my own side skirts out of sheetmetal and started routing and intercooler with piping for a turbo but probably will wait on the turbo. My work on this car is still in the progress but it will eventually get done.(I hope) Im very interested in the stuff you can do with these audi's. I did some practice driving over at my moms place. lots of gravel road. very fun. Sorry to hear about you family member.
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Skye Nott
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Re: 84 Audi 4000 quattro gravel suspension
December 30, 2005 07:16PM
Put your info in your signature so it shows up every time you post - read the "read this first" thing.

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