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Port Townsend/North Beach Hike

Posted by Wannabe 
Anne Francis
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Port Townsend/North Beach Hike
December 28, 2014 02:32AM
I decided to take a drive to Port Townsend, somewhere I had never been for a quiet hike that turned into a very frightening experience west of North Beach where the short beach disappeared right before my eyes in a matter of minutes. I feel lucky to have made it out alive, the tides were rough, I was alone, I don't know how I made it out alive. I clung to rocks to keep from getting swept out by the tide and I climbed up a cliff going on nothing but pure adrenaline. I've always been respectful of mother nature, I had timed everything including high tides, but the tide came in much faster and higher than I had calculated and it was a true test. I took my time getting back to Seattle. I sat in my car for about 30 minutes just freaking out, I even went back and walked on part of the beach that was not consumed by the water to make peace and to make sure I wouldn't be afraid.

Nature is so raw around here, which is of course part of the attraction. I'd be interested if there are any nationwide stats by state on hiking deaths. I know they would be skewed for a number of reasons but it would be interesting.

I heard the same day of my experience that a 4-year old girl who was hiking with a group was buried under a pile of rocks that had slid from all of the rain and died.

Also the same day a man was lost on Hot Springs trail, his backpack found but he is still missing.

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