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John Lane owes me $4800 for items he wrongfully sold to another member

Posted by funvolvo 
Brian Musson
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John Lane owes me $4800 for items he wrongfully sold to another member
February 05, 2016 04:26AM
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​I decided to tell you all a story about my dealings with John Lane over what was supposed to be a simple TurboBricks experience. If you have done business with John Lane in the past and you are happy, I am happy for you and do want to call out that my dealing with John Lane has been more of an edge case than any.

This started a few years ago after working out an engine build with JVAB. John V. has been very helpful with identifying the goals I had in mind for a future Volvo 240. John built me a beautiful motor that was to be the power plant for this project.​

Along the way, I engaged John Lane after drooling over the fire breathing monster. John Lane had pointed out that he had several worthy recipients for the newly built motor. Between the three of us, we coordinated John Lane to pick up the motor from John V.'s place, so it could be received by a 240 in decent enough shape to build a fun car.

John Lane dropped off the radar for some times. From what he told me, he was going through some serious personal life stuff. Being the community member I am (and quite the nice guy, really), I gave him some space to figure things out. I finally losing my patience, and wanted to get the ball rolling again.

I contacted John Lane again to get the status and regroup for the next steps.. I came to find out that John Lane was no longer in possession of my motor. I contacted John V. to find out what he knew about it, to his surprise, he thought that John Lane had worked something out with me to sell my motor to another member, Al K. John Lane drive my motor and my T5 transmission, and turbo down to California, from Washington State, to deliver and sell my motor to Al K. at a profit..

No fault of Al K., of course. In his own words:

"Hey there Brian,

Ooof, I had a bit of a not so sure feeling about this whole motor deal. Lane would never give me any answers about where it came from, etc. and he kinda muscled the deal by showing up here in town. To tell you the truth I can't even remember if it was a year ago or two, I am leaning towards two. Also sorry, but I have no record of the sale, it was cash. It included a cossie turbo( which seemed to be soaked in a bucket for a long time), and T5 trans (which turned out to be totally shredded inside, ) For god's sake I hope my wife doesn't find out about this, but I think it was closer to $4K that I paid.

Here is a link to the hooptie, still a work in progress.

Good luck dealing with the John and John circus, I will send Lane an email, for what its worth."

To this day John Lane does not "recall" driving my engine down to California, selling my engine, and when I ask about John Lane about the money, he denies that he owes me anything and gets very hostile.. Little does he know that John V. has been on three-way calling several times.

John Lane: I want my money. You have my address, send me a check for $4800 which is what I originally paid John V. for the parts -- and we can call it even. I can't believe I have to address this matter, in this way, to a grown man twice my age.

Just in case you forgot John Lane, because you forget a lot, you HAVE my address. The amount is $4800.

To remind you John Lane, I was a cook at the time I purchased the motor and was planning to do this project.. so not making a lot of money, this was a huge deal for me.

Thank you Al K. and John V. for being supportive in my efforts to recover the funds.

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Andrew Steere
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Re: John Lane owes me $4800 for items he wrongfully sold to another member
February 07, 2016 04:16PM

Andrew Steere
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