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020 outputs flanges

Posted by William Marenich 
William Marenich
William Marenich
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020 outputs flanges
June 10, 2015 07:18PM
I'm putting my 020 trans back together with a gripper and the new ring and pinion. Can someone tell me I i need to keep the loaded springs on the 90mm flanges? They are impossible to get back on!
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Steve Wheeler
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Re: 020 outputs flanges
June 11, 2015 01:06AM
Technically no, it was put in to reduce the clinking noise of loose flanges floating around. They are a bitch. Couple of things it could be 1) the Gripper diff is thicker causing coil bind in which case it would be near impossible or 2) someone previously installed a heavy spring kit (80% etc) and it's got a ton of preload or coil bind. Are you using a compression bolt and h-beam?
I would take this opportunity to go to 100mm flanges if this is the later 90mm setup.

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