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Wheel spacers?

Posted by Mad Matt F 
Mad Matt F
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Wheel spacers?
September 03, 2015 02:42PM
Okay, so I'm um... away from wrenches for a year. With lots of time to contemplate my navel, and my stoopid rally car back home. And it's kinda quiet 'round here.

If you are regular subscriber to the idiocy of the Justy, you will know I think I have forever solved the rod problem of:

By doing this:

and hope to avoid this:

winking smiley

Now I'm pretty confident that with the rest of this build:

It will hold together past the 7000 rpm it now seems to love.

However, the Justy is still a Justy, and even though it is awesome... it needs more.

Now bear in mind this.

Wheelbase 90 in (2,300 mm)
Length 145.5 in (3,700 mm)
Width 60.4 in (1,530 mm)
Height 53.7 in (1,360 mm)
Curb weight 1,950 lb (885 kg)

Now right now I don't know the track width with the huge 165/65/13 rally rubber on junkyard civic steelies... but I do know it doesn't look like this:

And Um... Well for Justy pervs's that's just awesome. So... I want to do some suspension stuff. But the rear strut is within mm of the rubber without a coil-over (inboard spring), spacers might help, and then what do I do about the front???

Can a 90" wheel base stand being any wider? I've never swapped ends on stage, but I um... did go off sideways on bad rubber a couple times (snow/ice) but there is the thought of steering quickner.. winking smiley

I'm kinda down to doing all custom control arms... but then I also need to move tops... not outa hand but more work then simply adding some width with a big ol chunk of alumi... or wood 'cause it's way cheaper.

Discuss... winking smiley
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