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Merkur rear beam and sta solutions

Posted by MarkHille 
Andrew Steere
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Re: Merkur rear beam and sta solutions
November 07, 2016 08:05PM
All I know is that for my Lemons XR4, I took the "smooth gravel" Group N setup, extrapolated slightly to the rear springs I had in stock (600lb), then figured out the ratio to the front and found some cut down stock rear XR springs were pretty damn close to "right on" for the front. Car has just enough "assiness" to rotate, but is very forgiving with a light correction on the wheel.

For rally, rip off the Ford Motorsport setup for springs and dampers, add some double-skin and/or plating to pickup points to account for pounding on gravel vs. tarmac, and get some mother fawking seat time. I SUCK driving, it takes half an hour at speed for me to get my bearings; until you reach the point where the internal maximum attack light comes on reliably in under a minute, leave the damn setup alone.

Andrew Steere
Lyndeborough, NH
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