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Sheet Steel.

Posted by MattP 
Matt Pullen
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2002 Ford StRanger

Sheet Steel.
November 14, 2016 09:51PM
So what are the thicknesses of steel people are using to beef up IRS suspension arms, strut towers and the like, I don't want to go too thin and waste my time but I don't want overkill.. I will be seam welding and the like.

Yes, it's a Ranger.
Xr4Ti, it is rwd and was made in Germany.
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Grant Hughes
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Re: Sheet Steel.
November 17, 2016 11:12PM
I use 1/8" for stuff like strut tops.
I have 16 and 18 gauge in hand for use on stuff like gussets, optional cage to shell stuff, and underbody protection.

Grant Hughes
Denver, CO
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