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Clutch cable solution ?

Posted by Morten 
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Clutch cable solution ?
March 07, 2006 01:40AM
In a previous thread I had mentioned having a problem with my clutch cable rubbing on the steering "knuckle", and had asked for a solution. In the past I have armoured the cable with fuel hose that had been sliced and zap strapped in place. The fuel hose worked but quickly wore through.

Forced to think for myself, here's what I came up with :

I bought a 3/4" chunk of Teflon today and drilled it the OD of my clutch cable. Then cut a slit in in the teflon and 45'd the opening so it would "snap" into place around the cable. Before snapping it on, I added a dab of silicone to the inside groove so it could have some level of adhesion to the cable.

I'm not sure how this will work, but figured the properties of the Teflon could provide a good solution. I'll see tomorrow if I have to put a clamp on either end of the teflon.

The pretty colored string, is holding the upper part of the clutch bracket tight to the bell housing hole, to keep the cable in it's proper place in relation to the knuckle.

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Scott Manley
Scott Manley
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Re: Clutch cable solution ?
March 07, 2006 12:42PM
Wow, the Volt is RWD and the rack is behind the crossmember! I would think about going Hyd. or rerouting the cable, maybe with a pulley or changing the fork.

Scott Manley
Spokane, WA
86' XR4Ti
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