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Audi a4 st coilovers for sale or trade.

Posted by 101pg 
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Audi a4 st coilovers for sale or trade.
May 19, 2017 09:43AM
Hello my name is Aaron first time here and very excited to go rally (i was a pro AMA road racer for 6 years and now been road racing and drifting a couple cars like rx8 w 5.0 v8, this audi, and others but its time to get some real racing in RALLY!!!!

i have a set of ST audi a4 b5 coilovers (not quattro) good shap for sale or trade for other parts. i have an Audi AR4 B5 quattro that i am going to be rallying (you can see it in the photos). just let me know what you have really just looking for race stuff like bigger rear sway bar, skid plate, fire system, light bars, just to give some ideas just let me know what you have. The car was a road racer so i have some work to do like rebuild the cage and new suspension just to name some well you guys know. Im in fl and looking to do some events at the Firm and some more in GA,TN,AL, and more. thanks and look forward to getting to dirt time!

X Pro road racer but ready to do some real racing (RALLY!!)
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open | download - b5 coilovers.jpg (17.2 KB)
b5 coilovers.jpg
open | download - b5 coilovers2.jpg (13.5 KB)
b5 coilovers2.jpg
open | download - b5 coilovers3.jpg (10.9 KB)
b5 coilovers3.jpg
open | download - b5 coilovers4.jpg (18.6 KB)
b5 coilovers4.jpg
open | download - ar4 plane2.jpg (27.6 KB)
ar4 plane2.jpg
open | download - ar4 black and white.jpg (31.8 KB)
ar4 black and white.jpg
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Re: Audi a4 st coilovers for sale or trade.
May 24, 2017 11:56PM
I don't know if there is anyone on here with a b5 chassis. Some of the colorado guys ran one as a pikes/hillclimb/rally car a few years back, but you'll have a tough time finding off the shelf bits.
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