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Ranger Duratec Engine Parts

Posted by timbo 
Tim Spencer
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Ranger Duratec Engine Parts
November 03, 2018 03:44PM
This is left over parts from my planned Ranger 2.3 Duratec build into a Merkur XR4Ti. I can send pictures if needed, but everything is cleaned very well. no left over grease or anything on the used parts.

Bare 2.0 cylinder head, comes with original valves and springs. $50
Ranger Duratec 2.3 Block cleaned, no machining, had clearancing for a custom block plate and shouldn't affect function. Internal hardware included. $100
Ranger EDIS valve cover, cleaned, comes with cleaned hardware. $30
Ranger front timing cover, cleaned, painted, pulley spins freely with no play. $45
Cloyes 9-0705SX timing set for 2.3. Original ranger cam and oil pump sprockets included. $100
Enginetech F138K1 Ranger 2.3 gasket set (no valve stem seals). $75
Zinc Plated hardware (mostly black, not perfect, but still very nice), everything for this engine plus a few extra bits. $100

I'll try and add more as I find parts while clearing out my garage.

Prices are negotiable, but please do your homework before submitting an offer. Prices are quite fair. Shipping is not included.
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