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Full FIA spec T1 Nissan Patrol for sale. Currently in the UAE. See link in the description

Posted by STMADXB 
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Full FIA spec T1 Nissan Patrol - $122,000.00 (Negotiable)

LS3 engine
MoTeC engine management
MoTeC Data acquisition
Dual MoTeC dash displays
Albins 6 speed sequential with custom shift lever system
Full fabricated rear suspension with fully floating rear housing
Strengthened front diff housing with Cusco 2 way LSD
Donerre dampers (2 sets) in Gravel & Dune spec
FIA approved fuel cell (Aug 2020)
Corbeau seats (2020)
Sabelt harness (2022)
Custom gearbox and P/S cooler systems
Steering quickener
Novec T1 approved Fire system
New rear quarter panels
Spares include:
Front bumper bash plate assemblies, transfer case complete, axles and driveshafts, standard gearbox, rear 3 tire carrier frame, suspension springs, rear diff full assembly.
Available in the United Arab Emirates
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