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Posted by wvonkessler 
Rob Russo
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Re: X-11
February 02, 2012 09:00PM
Total proof that you can rally anything and likely have fun. At the end of the day the absolute best rally car is the one that gets a guy on stage. This however doesn't change the fact that a Citation was a terrible car...almost as bad as the Cadillac Cimaron fiasco...

What's wrong with a Cavalier with leather? It's practically a Cobalt LS! grinning smiley
I don't think I actually saw a Cimmaron with leather, but its been a while and even the shitty things get forgot...

Actually the later model Cobalts, Cavys and Escorts were pretty good cars. Back in the day tho...those x body GMs were flat scarey. Crap carbs, crap trannies and rear brakes that would lock up and throw the car in a skid even while parked... they even had a frickin emission flag that would drop at 60k (?) and totally cover the odometer until you went to a dealer and got it reset. Nice.

My first car was a '86 Celebrity. Basically similar car. Im pretty sure saving those hard-braking rear locked up slides is what got me into rally.

Enablers, All of you.
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