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2016 plans

Posted by NoCoast 
Ryan Sealey
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Re: 2016 plans
January 11, 2016 10:11AM
We'll see, how things go. Like last year this year will still be about trying to pay off dumb house crap before regaining money for blowing off on anything fun like parts/tires/any events. So until that junk is out of the way I'll probably still keep my distance to prevent going through withdrawals again.

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Tyler Patik
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Re: 2016 plans
January 12, 2016 03:36PM
Temple has moved weekend earlier so no longer on Mothers Day. You should do that event too.
We're here to help. You can have first dibs on any Hankook used gravel tires. Cheap.

This is a good thing, or at least I won't have to feel bad for making Temple this year.

I need to finish the radiator support and pedal mount then probably service my struts.
If all of that goes according to plan I'll do

Temple Canyon Hill Climb
Enduro World series round in Colorado
Lands End Hill Climb

If all of that happens flawlessly I might get Rally Idaho too.
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